What an eventful summer

Summer 2015 was a bit busy for Inspiredtravels71!

Lots of friends & new contacts from the last blog post were requesting postcards to hide away on their travels. To date there are approximately 90 cards hidden out there in the big wide world. Considering I only went public with the project in June 2015 is pretty amazing, thank you so much to all of you who have helped out. 

Each postcard is hand written, I choose to keep it this way as personally I think if I were to find one & it were hand written rather than just a message stuck on it I would be more inclined to respond. What do you think? Any suggestions or comments welcomed.   

So I busily tried to keep up with the requests from people for postcards, by writing them out on train journeys, in my lunch hour, of a weekend or evening wherever I could find a few moments. A couple of friends offered to write some for me too, which they then hid away for me in various locations both here in the UK & overseas.   When I say to hid them, it can be anywhere from your local shopping centre (I’ve hidden one in Bluewater), a day out here in the UK somewhere (Dungeness, Windsor Castle, Bath, Stone Henge & at the theatre in Dartford & London) are a few examples of day trip hides, a restaurant you eat in or if you are going overseas there too. Don’t think that just because you don’t have a big overseas holiday booked you can’t get involved & join in the fun, because you can. They can be hidden absolutely anywhere near or far, the more places the merrier.   I went on my holidays too, it was nice to be able to hide some cards myself, as well as hearing about the innovative places others had come up with hiding them.  During this holiday it was my Dad, Malcolm’s (Mum’s full time career) 70th Birthday. It was good to spend special times with them both, they helped me hide a couple of cards too, it’s fantastic that they too want to get involved. It’s also lovely to meet strangers in a café when I’m writing cards out & to fill them in with details of the project & watch their reaction to it. This helps motivate me to keep putting in the hard work after a full day at work.   

The 21st October 2015 was the 9th anniversary of my Mum surviving her stroke. It’s a time of mixed emotions for her & the family. Devastation at remembering events of the day & recognising the enormity of how not just her but all of our lives have changed but also a time to celebrate that she continues to fight on & still be here with us.  I’ve just received a request for 30 postcards from a friend of a friend who is going travelling & going to leave a trail on his route. Yes, I do have writer’s cramp but thankfully my friend Liz has volunteered to write some of the cards too. Phew, thanks Liz! 

So the project continues. Still no finders to report to date, but I continue to live in hope, just, I’ll admit I am getting a little impatient …  To any friends out there reading this who usually send me a Christmas card (which I do love to receive), if not too much trouble, would you mind sending me a blank picture postcard this year (i.e write on a post it note, not the card) so that I can use it for the project? 

 Thank you Sx 


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