Gracelands glory on the Lisa Marie

On my summer holiday touring the ‘Deep South’ of America I scattered postcards as I travelled around the various cities & states visited. As you can read in the link, to my delight I got a finder in Chattanooga when visiting the famous ‘Choo Choo‘.  

A life long ambition was to visit ‘Gracelands’ and this was what inspired the trip for me. To me, Graceland was the epitome of the American Dream.Following on from the tour of that famous home, it’s grounds, the on-site museums and of course the stores (it’s rude not to!😉) that were included in our tour ticket I still had some time to spare. So I popped to the ticket office and purchased an add on ticket to visit Elvis’s custom designed planes. Elvis’s first purchase was the Convair 880 from Delta Airlines in April 1975 which he named the ‘Lisa Marie’ after his beloved daughter. While the plane was undergoing renovation he purchased the smaller Lockheed JetStar which he named ‘Hound Dog II’.

When I stepped on the Lisa Marie I hunted for a place to hide a card. I quickly found the perfect spot in the hook that was traditionally used by the stewardesses to hang their jackets on as they worked. 

Once I had returned home, I had a lovely email from Amy of Ohio who had found my card when she visited with her husband Troy & his parents from Belgium. The family had driven 8 hours to make their visit when they found my card. 

Amy, Troy, his parents & a couple of hairy (or was that Harley) bikers? That’s another story...

As well as Gracelands, the family also visited Sun Studio, Slave Haven (Underground Railroad Museum) & Beale Street during their trip to the region. 

On returning home they visited the Ohio Caverns, Jungle Jim’s International Grocery Store & Greenville Falls. Sounds like they had a fun packed trip, as did I.Ohio Cavern, beautiful huh?

Thank you Elvis for overseeing this find, for a fantastic holiday visiting all of your old haunts & for the legacy of your amazing music which never dates. The late, great Elvis has left the building! Ah ha ha.

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