St Lucian postcard Finder

When out with my secondary school friends Marie, Nikki & Sadye for our pre Christmas meet up, I was telling them about my InspiredTravels71 postcard project. I happened to have some postcards in my bag which I gave them to read, when finished I said keep them & hide them for me when on your travels either here at home in the UK or when you next go away.

When I next saw her Marie said she’d hidden her card in St Lucia when she’d had a trip with her family.Just a couple of weeks later I received an email from Bill informing me that he’d found Marie’s postcard in his hotel book exchange. Bill is Inspiredtravels71’s 11th finder, but Marie’s first.

Bill & his wife Anne, from New York we’re visiting St Lucia for five days. It was their first trip there and they enjoyed trying fishing, snorkeling, hot mud baths in the volcano & sightseeing during their stay.Bill tells me he’s always been a fan of postcards so this find was meant to be it seems. His daughter Suzanne had her own postcard project a few years ago. As a joke she sent her Dad 46 anonymous postcards in an attempt to drive him batty. It worked! he claims.Recently retired Heating & Air Conditioning Mechanic Bill tells me he’s looking forward to summer road trips exploring the States in more detail now he has more time on his hands.

On of Bills favourite holidays was to Italy with a group of 6 friends. They forgot their camera & so made a cartoon journal every day. It brings back good memories & still causes a laugh every time it comes out.

Bill’s planning to hide to postcard on that he found in a popular book exchange in New York.

Will he get a finder too? Watch this space… Only time will tell.

Sarah & Anne x

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